Short Notes For JEE

Learn the art of making short notes for JEE from toppers

Short notes are a crucial part for any competitive examination be it IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC, BITSAT or any other competitive examination. Short notes help us in multiple ways. They help us in noting down our progress, helps in revision and last day preparations. Short notes are also very useful in remembering some specific point or topic which is very viable to be forgotten.

All toppers have short notes and they regularly maintain it. Most of the students have craze of making short notes but they do not follow it for a long time. As it is always said, consistency is key to achieve any skill in life. Here I will be sharing my method of making short notes which helped me achieve my dream rank.


So, the process of making short notes starts from day one itself. Start marking important points, underlining specifics keywords, and marking important questions. You can start making short notes after one or two months of your preparations and update them once in a month then. In short notes we do not write all the context of the theory. It is just the reference. All formulas, important concepts and very crisp and minimised theory of some important topic. You can also write a particular method of solving a particular type of question.

Short notes should be made on blank A4 size sheets because lined sheets confine you to follow the lines and then you are not able to make full use of the space available. Keep in mind your notes are your notes only. This means you need not write in a fancy manner or keep good handwriting. Those are your notes and they should be only good enough to be comprehended by you with ease.  Each and every word should be written with planning and use should be very crisp and write wherever you find space in the page. Your one page should convey content equivalent to 50 pages. Why am I emphasising so much on being crisp and direct? This is because you will revise these notes when you need to revise any topic or in the last days before exam. So, if you will pile up a whole notebook in the name of short notes, that does not make any sense. That’s very silly! I have seen people writing whole summary of the chapter on the name of short notes and then before exam they are rushing through them. This is a very wrong practice of making short notes.


The reason is that, when you revise those notes, it will take a lot of time to revise and those will be like theory only so you will not enjoy them much. Also, if you need to find some specific point or want to have a look at it you will keep on struggling through the pile. If your notes are short and crisp you will find that point easily.

Now what should one write on that blank paper? For physics I recommend writing important formulas first then some concepts and method for solving a specific type of question. For example, in electrostatics you can write all formulas for electric field and potential. Also, you can write about charge distributions and capacitance stuff. In mechanics you can write some method of solving a particular set of questions.

For physical chemistry, write formulas. For inorganic chemistry? I do not recommend making notes for inorganic chemistry. Make your NCERT your short notes page. You will see a lot of empty space in NCERT pages. If you find something which is important or there is some new compound name or some reaction or even some priority order of elements such as density and all and it is not in NCERT then write it in the blank spaces in header and footer on the concerned page only.

For organic chemistry one should write named reactions only or some important mechanism or some concepts or points that have to be remembered. For example- Alkenes is more reactive for hydrogenation than alkyne. This is a fact, and you have to remember it. So, write it in the notes of the chapter including alkenes. One should also write reagents and their one-liner reaction in short. These are very helpful. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE EXCEPTIONAL CASES IN ORGANIC AND INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.

For mathematics, you can write some points to remember type thing. I strongly recommend making good notes for conic sections. I only made notes for conic sections and one page full of trigonometry formulas. That’s all! Use good diagrams and write properly all formulas and methods of solving the problem in conic section notes. This contradict with the things I told above but yeah; I suggest you make good notes for conic section. 

Does one have to make notes for every chapter? No. You do not need to make notes for every chapter. You can club some topics or skip if you think it does not need revision again and again. Also, you need not make notes as soon as a chapter gets over. Make notes on month end. In this way you will revise whatever has been covered in the entire month.

If I talk about revising the notes, you should do them at your ease. The main aim for short notes is to revise the topics which you have forgotten and have a compiled info for important stuff at one place.

You should also write important questions numbers in your short notes. I used to do that. Be very specific. Example: Topic- Name of the book/module/dpp/sheet e.t.c – Q 1,2,45,69…This helps to set up a compiled question set which you can use to revise in your revision time.

This is how you make short notes which are effective. Make sure you revise them time to time and keep updating them whenever you find something worth to add on. This method will surely help in revision and boost your rank.

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