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When you just think about people with exceptional Self-Discipline, you probably picture martial artists, professional athletes, people who have practiced the same thing for years until they have completely mastered it. But self-discipline is about more than just training and competition. Many of the most disciplined individuals are just regular people who have gradually developed self-control and accomplished their goals. Whether you want to start a new company or lose weight or stop watching Netflix, Self-discipline is an incredibly useful skill that keeps you Motivated, Clear-headed, and Focused on your objective.

But, what exactly is the secret in building self-discipline?

Despite what you might have seen in the movies, you do not have to meditate on the mountain top. These kinds of extremes while entertaining, do not work. Because time and consistency are essential for anyone hoping to live a disciplined life. So, the real key to develop self-discipline is moderation. Doing something in moderation means having the power to stop yourself when you have had enough. If you want to have a more balanced diet or reduce the amount you spent playing Video-games, you shouldn’t try to suddenly make extreme changes to your lifestyle. Instead, focus on moderating your behavior. Reduce your bad habits little by little to develop the kind of self-discipline that will last a lifetime.

So how do you put all of this into practice?

There are 7 strategies you can use to master self-discipline.


No matter what kind of bad habits you have, the first and most important step towards becoming a more disciplined person is identifying and accepting your weaknesses. The simple truth is that everyone in the world has a weakness for something. For example, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee, spending money on useless things. While some weaknesses are most destructive than others, building self-discipline is not about getting rid of these weaknesses but learning how to control them. Many people cant even get to this stage because they can’t accept how little control they have over their actions.

This kind of denial can lead to addiction. So you must address these issues before they take over your life.

For many people, the idea of moderation is much less intimidating than cutting yourself off completely. So instead of focusing on which bad habits you need to remove, think about which ones you would like to lesson.


On your road to becoming a more disciplined person, you are going to develop a set of new and improved habits. But things won’t happen overnight. Imagine you are trying to lose 20 pounds. You can’t just wake up in the morning and decide it’s time for a 30-minute run when you haven’t worked down for years. You are going to end up exhausted, sour, and unmotivated. So, you should start slow and work up toward your goal over time. Plan out more manageable, easier workouts that leave you to feel optimistic and proud of yourself. Remember that the goal is not to lose weight in a single day.


Positive reinforcement is a great way to make sure that your new habits stick around. So, don’t be afraid to reward yourself for improving. People will do certain things if they know that they will be rewarded for doing that thing. Rewards will also motivate them to work harder by giving them something positive to look forward to. This is especially useful to people who are having a hard time getting their new habits started because they haven’t developed enough self-discipline to push through the beginning stages.


Disciplined people often motivate themselves to keep them pushing by strictly hearing to a set of standards for their own life. Standards are personal limits that layout the absolute minimum that you are willing to accept for your life. But these kinds of boundaries only work if you are willing to hold yourself accountable when you break them. This is where most people struggle. Because they end up setting high standards that are impossible to meet consistently. It’s important to remember that standards and goals are not the same things. While goals are the things you work and reach for overtime, you should be able to meet the standards every single day.

Why are personal standards more useful?

Most people tend to have an ordinary approach to their goals. Either they get it done immediately, or just give up. So, by setting standards you give a reason to keep working even when you aren’t able to achieve your goal.


After you have identified your weaknesses are, you must realize when you are putting yourself in dangerous situations. For example, if you want to stop getting distracted at the time of work, turn on airplane mode on your mobile and put it aside. Of course, there will be situations where you can’t avoid your smartphone. So make it easier on yourself by planning.

Figure out what you’re going to do to avoid falling back into old habits and find a way to reward yourself for resisting the tempt. This kind of planning

not only helps you stay on track but also gives you a sense of control over your life.


Time is a slippery soap when it comes to bad habits. if you tend to watch too much tv or play too many video games or waste hours on social media .you know how easy it is to justify spending a few more minutes to complete a mission or watch the rest of an episode. But a few minutes can turn into a few hours and before you knew it you used up the whole night. You can use moderation to get rid of this problem.

The real problem here is how much time you spend on them. In other words, you can keep playing the games you love as long as you stay within a set time limit. The goal here is to force yourself to physically acknowledge when you have hit your limit and stop there. If you want to make it more strict, put the alarm across the room so that you have to put the controller down and stand up to turn it off. A short walk will make you feel that you need to stop doing that thing immediately.


Every person’s path towards developing self-discipline is unique. Sure, there are a lot of various specific methods out there which have worked wonders for other people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean go through the same things for you. Elon Musk may have developed the self-discipline to boost his productivity. But other successful people may find this method suffocating and unproductive. So instead of just copying what your favorite celebrity is doing, build a routine that is designed for your goals and strengths, and weaknesses. If you know that you are significantly more energetic at night, don’t force yourself to work out first thing in the morning just because other people preferred it that way.

As long as you are consistently setting and achieving goals you’ll develop the kind of unbreakable self-discipline that you’re looking for.

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