Your Personalized Master Strategy for Getting 99 Percentile in JEE Mains 2024

Welcome to a crucial turning point in your academic journey – the pursuit of cracking the IIT JEE 2024 with a high percentile of 99 that places you at an edge for JEE Advance selection. The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains is a highly competitive examination that opens the gateway to the most prestigious engineering institution in India that is the IIT.

As the calendar inches closer to the big day, it’s natural to feel excitement and apprehension. However, fear not, for we have prepared a master guide to help you Crack IIT JEE Mains in 3 Months.

This blog article will delve into the details of time you have in hand, marks to score, how to score it and the chapters and topics to cover for the speedy preparation you need to achieve the remarkable feat of scoring in the 99th percentile in JEE Mains 2024.

We’ll also unveil the crucial JEE Last Month Strategy to maximise your chances of success. Whether you’re just beginning your preparations or fine-tuning your approach in the final stretch, this article is your comprehensive roadmap to success. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we explore how to Crack IIT JEE in 3 months and devise the ultimate strategy for victory in the JEE Mains in 2024.

IIT JEE 2024 Mains: The Real Roadmap of Success

Announcement of exam Dates:

As per the recent news from the National Testing Agency (NTA), the JEE Mains 2024 is going to be conducted between 24th January 2024 and 1st February 2024 by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

If you go according to the news, you have till the third week of January from tomorrow onwards to prepare for your exams. Which comes around to more than 3 months.

Actual time for Preparation:

Now let’s be real about a few things, the possible distraction from your studies or the period during which you might not be able to prepare properly.

During the month of November, there are a few days of inevitable distractions during the festivities of Deepawali and during the month of December, because of your Pre-Boards preparation and Exams.

So, before you start your preparation for IIT JEEMains 2024, you have to keep in mind these things so you can structure your plan for Pre-Board and your JEE 2024 Exam Preparation.

You have an ample amount of time to Crack IIT JEE 2024 Mains in 3 Months, but you have to keep these things in mind so you can navigate this period, and successfully balance the festive period, Pre-Boards and IIT JEE Mains 2024.

So let’s get realistic about the time period and dive into the preparation strategy for scoring 99 percentile in IIT JEE Mains 2024.

An analysis of the previous year’s marks:


  • Average Mark vs. Percentile in 2023



June 22

July 22

January 23

April 23






















As you can see from the data of the past two years for JEE Exams, the average score of students with a 99 Percentile is somewhat around 180-190.

So you have to set a goal according to this data, so can score something that can guarantee a 99 percentile score.


  • Target Score for IIT JEE Mains 2024 for 99 Percentile


By analysing the data of marks of students with 99 percentile in JEE Exams of 2023, you need to set a target mark that you need to score, to ensure the 99 percentile in the shortest period.

The ideal target mark that you should set for yourself, to be achieved, so you can prepare and Crack the IIT JEE Mains 2024 in 3 Months should be 200.

If you can score 200 marks in your JEE Mains 2024 Exam, based on the previous years’ data, a 99 percentile is guaranteed for you.

How to Score 200 marks and Crack IIT JEE 2024 Exams in 3 Months:

Before we discuss how to score 200 marks in JEE Mains 2024, we first need to discuss the Break down of marks and of questions and analyse the previous years’ papers for a better understanding of Cracking IIT JEE Mains 2024 in 3 Months can be possible and discuss the JEE 2024 Last Months Strategy.

Let’s dissect the past together for a better future:

  • Break Down of Marks of JEE Mains Exam

Based on the study of the marks of students who scored 200 marks in the past year’s exams, the average score that was acquired by those students in each core subject of the IIT JEE Exams is something like this:










As you can the average marks attained by students in each subject to score 200 out of 300. Now based on this analysis, we studied the required number of questions you need to answer correctly in order to score the perfect marks for 99 percentile.

  • Required correct answer to Crack IIT JEE Mains 2024

  • Let’s Break Down the Questions

In JEE Mains there are a total of 90 questions, 30 questions from each subject, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Out of 30 questions, 20 are multiple choice questions and 10 are numerical questions, out of which you need to answer only 5 numerical.

  • Number of questions to be answered correctly

Now that you know the number of questions that are given and the number of questions you can attempt, let us see how many questions you need to answer correctly to score the desired result.






Questions to be Answered




Now, if you understand the table above, then you know how many questions in each subject you need to answer correctly for the 99 percentile. So in total, you need to answer 50 questions out of 90 or 75, for that perfect score.

The reason we are asking you to answer a certain number of questions in each subject is that this is how many questions on an average student with 200 marks answered for each subject.

The questions for Physics and Chemistry are comparatively easier than the questions for Mathematics.

Analysing the Questions of the Last 10 Years:

After analysing the last 10 years question papers, the 10 topics from each subject that have a lot of weightage in exams are as follows:


Topic No. of Questions (Past 10 Years Data)
Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics 207
Current Electricity 186
KTG and Thermodynamics 181
Electro-Magnetic Force 147
Rigid Body Dynamics 120
Electrostatics 113
Geometrical Optics 113
Solid and Semiconductors 101
Alternating Current 85
Capacitance 83



Topics No. of Questions (Past 10 Years Data)
Coordination Compounds 142
P block elements 131
Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 124
General Organic Chemistry 118
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 109
Hydrocarbons 109
Amines 101
Structure of Atoms 91
Biomolecules 91
Thermodynamics Chemistry 87



Topics No. of Questions (Past 10 Years Data)
Vector & 3D 263
Definite Integration and its application 204
Metrics and Determinant 182
Conic Section 164
Sequence and Series 141
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability 137
Application of Derivatives 133
Differential Equations 115
Binomial Theorem 113
Probability 108

How to Crack the IIT JEE Mains 2024 exam in 3 Months:

IIT JEE Mains 2024 Exams are not that far away.  So your JEE Last Month Strategy should be something, in which you can cover everything, give mock tests and do your final revision.

All of this sounds like a lot of pressure since it is the last hours of preparation, we need to give some extra push to your preparation.

  1. First 30 days

Since you are a Science Student, you sure do have the basic knowledge of each chapter of the JEE Mains syllabus. With that in mind, let us proceed.

You need to cover 1 chapter from each subject daily, that is 3 chapters in one day. If you have basic knowledge of the concepts in that chapter, make sure to solve as many questions as you can from those chapters that day.

Now, if you aren’t sure about the basics of those chapters, you need to cover the basics and the questions, don’t worry about the quantity, make sure of the quality of the questions.

  1. Next 30 days

Cover the previous questions. Solving at least the Previous Year’s Question of the last 2 years for each chapter can help a great deal in preparation and revision.

There are in total of 1980 questions each year, and in the last two years, in total 3960 questions. Solving 4,000 questions in 30 days, which comes to around 133 questions each day for the next 30 days.

  • 30 Days of Mock Test

In the final leg of 30 days, give as many mock tests as possible. Don’t get scared if score fewer marks in mock, remember mock test isn’t just about looking at your progress, but also revision and preparation.

If you make any mistakes in your mock test, that is a golden opportunity to correct your mistakes and learn immediately. Helping you clear your concept and prepare for exams.

The last thing about the mock test, as we discussed above, you need to answer 50 questions correctly to clear your exams with the 99 percentile and that is the goal of this article to help you achieve that.

The moment you start answering 50 questions correctly in your mock test, remember that 99 percentile is not going anywhere, it is yours. Be confident about it, not overconfident.

  1. January Revision

The last three weeks of January are for revision. Learning to muck up new concepts is strictly not allowed. 

The question is how do you do your revisions, Solving Questions, that’s how. We know, we are emphasising solving questions a lot, but there is reason for that emphasis, practice makes you perfect, and solving questions is the best way to revise your concepts through practical means.

Anyone, who cannot give mock tests during the final 30 days before revision, as those days will fall in December, and you will have Pre-Board exams, so you can give your mock tests after them, even during January.

 JEE 2024 Last Month Preparation Strategy:

During the last months of preparation to Crack the IIT JEE Mains 2024 Exam, you might be wondering if there must be some chapter that has more weightage for questions, compared to others.

We did our study regarding that, and came up with the Charters, not just Topics, that you can study, that will cover a major portion of your exam questions. On average 125-150 Marks are covered under these topics very easily.

Chapters to Cover for IIT JEE Mains 2024 Exams During Last Month Preparation: Last 3 Years Question Paper Had Questions From These Chapters



(Data from Past 3 Years)

Name of Chapter No of Question (Weightage)
Modern Physics 39
Megnatism & Electromagnetic Induction 29
Current Electricity 23
KTG and Thermodynamics 22
Rectilinear Motions and Vectors 15
Gravitation 15
Simple Harmonic Motion 14
Electrostatics 13
Error, Dimension and Experimental Physics 12
Semiconductors 12
Rotation 11
Fluids Mechanics & Properties of Matter 10
Work, Power, Energy 10
Projectile Motion 10


(Data from Past 3 Years)

Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry 18
Coordination Compounds 16
S Block 15
Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether 14
D-Block & F-Block Elements 13
Chemistry in Everyday Life 12
Carbonyl Compounds 12
Mole concept 12
Chemical Kinetics 12
P-Block (13-14), (15-16) group 11
Electrochemistry 11
Chemical Bonding 10
Environmental Chemistry 10


(Data from Past 3 Years)

Definite Integration, Area 34
Vectors and 3D Geometry 30
Function and Inverse Trigonometry 25
Permutation and Combinations 22
Binomial Theorem 21
Sequence and Series 18
Matrices and Determinant 17
Differential Equations 13
Mathematical Reasoning 12


That was a lot of information to cover, but all the information will lead to Cracking IIT JEE Mains 2024 in 3 Months. Everything that we covered in this article will lead you to score that 99 percentile and earn that sweet spot for IITs.

This is the time for you to push yourself a little harder, with a stress-free mind and win the race.

We have done our part to provide you with the right information for your success, now we wish you All The Best for your Preparations and Exams.

Good Luck!

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IITIANGUIDE is the best quality Online JEE Coaching, Consultation and Mentoring platform for JEE Aspirants and those preparing for any engineering entrance exams. IITIANGUIDE is the Best Online Mentoring and Consultation platform that connects the JEE aspirants to the present top IITIANS from the top IIT colleges. It is led by IIT Delhi Alumni.

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In order for live and interactive classes to work smoothly, students must set up the following necessary equipment:

Any standard smartphone/ tablet/ laptop/ desktop PC with a working microphone and speaker would work.
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There are online All India Test series, devised by a group of IITians, for engineering entrance examinations. These test series provide well-crafted and structured tests that span the whole examination course. These examinations assist students in analyzing their understanding, structuring their approach, and improving their test-taking ability so that they can succeed on the final exam.

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IITIANGUIDE assures the timing of the classes fall after the school timings as per convenience of the students. Some courses/packages allow more customized timing options.

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IITIANGUIDE helps students study for engineering entrance exams such as IIT JEE (Main), IIT JEE (Advanced), BITSAT and others. Apart from this IITIANGUIDE also helps in preparation for JSO/ KVPY/ NTSE/ boards/ foundation.

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Our online courses are completely interactive in nature, and teachers ensure that they and students are at the same level of teaching and understanding. Students can interact with their teachers and mentors through the audio, video and chat. Teachers are very receptive to doubt solving.

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Online Classes will be taken by primarily IITian and NITian trained experts who have themselves gone through rigorous academic training and hard work and have cracked prestigious engineering entrance exams like JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), BITSAT etc.

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The student enrols by choosing the number of one-on-one sessions he or she requires. The time spent conducting the session is deducted from the total hours. The length of time depends entirely on the learner and the subject he or she wishes to learn. A session will last about 1.5 hours on average.

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When are the one-on-one classes conducted in the week?

Classes can be conducted on any day of the week. The time, date and duration is mutually decided by the student and the instructor to satisfy the needs of the student in the best possible way.

What type of Study Material will be given to students?

Students have access to study materials in the form of booklets for different chapters (exclusively designed by IITians) and daily practice problems, which vary depending on the course packages. The study materials are delivered to students at the start of the course and DPPs will be given as the courses proceed.

What would be the mode of Payment for the Tuition Fee?

The different modes of Fee payment are available at IITIANGUIDE like Online Transactions in form of UPI Payment, Credit card, Debit card and Net banking payment via RazorPay.

What are the batch sizes of Online JEE Coaching 1 Year and 2 Year Programs?

The batch sizes are small (no more than 20-30), allowing the teacher to get to know each student individually.

This allows the students to communicate more effectively with the teacher and open up about their concerns. This creates a welcoming environment, which leads to a clear and focussed mind. They are also more competitive towards their goals because they are a part of a small, focused group.

How is One-On-One JEE Coaching better than Group JEE Coaching?

One-on-one coaching allows students to receive individualized attention from instructors. The student's entire development is aided by the simple interaction with an IITian mentor. The student is free to customize their own study plan and timings and ask doubts without having to worry about peer pressure (as in case of group JEE Coaching). The pace of instruction and preparation can be adjusted based on the students individual requirements. 

How is Online JEE Coaching better than Offline JEE Coaching?

One of the advantages of the IITIANGUIDE method of teaching over a traditional model is that all the live lessons are recorded concurrently, with a download link available to the students. Not only may they utilize this tool to make up for missed classes, but they can also use it for an endless number of revisions. IITIANGUIDE is the Best Website in India to provide top IITians to help you in your entrance journey
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Students receive study material in hard copy, which includes books on various topics as well as practice papers. The exam series is online (in accordance with the JEE Mains Online pattern).
IITIANGUIDE believes that parental oversight and monitoring are beneficial to a student's development. The parents have an advantage here because of the different features available.

o Unlike traditional coaching sessions, IITIANGUIDE invites parents to join in class and observe teaching quality. They can file a complaint if they have a problem with the teaching, and it will be rectified within 24 hours. In addition, every 15 days, a feedback survey form is sent to parents and students regarding teachers and service delivery.

o IITIANGUIDE notifies parents about three consecutive class bunks and any single online test bunk.

How is Online JEE Coaching safe, efficient and good for the student’s overall growth?

IITIANGUIDE delivers learning to the students' PC, allowing them to get invaluable assistance from top IITians in the secure and comfortable environment of their own homes. It boosts their self-confidence, attentiveness, concentration, focus and minimizes distractions otherwise present in an offline model. Students also save on a lot of time and energy spent on travelling from home to the coaching institute and can use it to focus on academics instead. You're enabling yourself to achieve the objectives and dreams you're working toward through your online coaching sessions by getting even one or two hours back by eliminating travel.

What Happens If I Can't Attend My Regular Session?

The teacher may reschedule the class if the student/parents notify him or her.

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IITIANGUIDE provides the best IITian Faculty for IIT JEE & other Engg, Entrance Exam Coaching Online of NRI students from the UAE, UK, US, Singapore, Australia and many other countries. Apart from this, IITIANGUIDE also provides free counselling for DASA and CIWG quota. All-in-all, IITIANGUIDE is a one-stop solution for any NRI student looking to secure a top rank in JEE and other Engineering entrance examinations.

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