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Hello peeps! 

I am Aashish Kumar, a 2nd year undergraduate at IIT – Delhi and I am here pursuing B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing branch. I know this IIT degree and branch impressed you a lot but it is not achieved in a month or two, it requires a super consistent effort of 2-3 years and but for some students, it is even 4-5 years (don`t be afraid it is for those who start their preparation at a very very early age). Sometimes, I used to take my meal only one time a day because I had to ask doubts and complete my daily problem sets (I don`t recommend any of you to follow this). Although, you need such kind of effort and a high spirit because there will be many ups and downs and sometimes only downs (LOL). For all this, you need constant motivation and a fighting attitude (not only the problems you solve on paper but also in life), which will be helpful only when it comes from the inner you. 

It will happen many times that when you are at the end of the day, you realized that you have done only 50 – 80 percent of your planned routine and even less than that. Many times the situation is not as planned but don`t panic with this, if its frequency is low (1-3 days in a week) it is fine but if this frequency is quite high and then you should think about why you are very inconsistent and work on it immediately. One common thing you were facing why you are not getting marks as expected, don`t think about the marks think about the mistakes you were doing, there may be some mistakes you were doing, you should identify them (is it happening because any of your bad habit or silly mistakes, etc?) and correct them asap. These are some Gyans (words of wisdom) from my side. Now, let’s come to my JEE story.

I am a simple guy, who grew up in the small town of Bihar and from a middle-class family. Initially, in my school days, I was not a topper in my class (I enjoyed my childhood) but at my secondary school, I was among the top-performing students of my class. I live in a joint family so I have some Uncles and Bhaiyas, who are engineers and used to tell me about IITs and their placements etc. So somehow I made clear my mind that I will study at IIT at any cost. Then I also have some friends who were also interested in doing engineering from IITs. So, at an early age, I joined some local coaching institutes which were not that good but this is the best I have in my town. There I used to practice some higher class textbooks and problem sets and do as much I can do there with the resources I have.

And I started giving the coaching institute`s admission test and some competitive reward exams from my 9th standard. 

So, after completing my 10th standard and after discussing my bhaiyas, uncles and teachers I decided to go to Delhi for my JEE preparation and took admission in Vidyamandir Classes. And also I took admission to a dummy school because I didn`t want to engage in some formality tasks which wouldn`t help me to get into IIT. Finally, I reached Delhi and started living in a PG. On the first day at my coaching institute, there was an orientation session with Bade Bhaiya (founder of VMC), after which I was on the highest level of motivation with thoughts like I will be AIR 1 in 2020 and so on. But all this shattered after my first test, I realized the competition and my mind started thinking about where will I stand in 2020, but after proper analysis and realizing the mistakes I started doing better (Not as expected but it was not that bad). Then came a twist that one of my relatives came to live with me and we started searching for flats, this time I won`t forget that it makes me fall like a decreasing step function and in this time batch shuffling started as I didn`t perform well and I was not promoted. Here, I understand how to say no even to your close ones. After then I kept my motivation high and even the teachers also motivated me then I started improving. I used to attend extra classes and took classes in other batches whenever I didn`t feel satisfied with the teachers of my batch. I used to do hard work in a very smart way. I didn`t attend festivals at my home as it cost a lot of time for me. I took help from my teachers with some random doubts and motivation sessions. I was giving so many tests of JEE Mains as well as JEE Advanced type, which help me realize my mistakes but actually, I was not yet satisfied with my marks and this cycle goes on and on. Then for some time, I got distracted by YouTube. I used to watch random videos, sometimes useful for which I use my phone to destroy the distraction from the phone (It kinda seems like “I used the stones to destroy the stones” a popular dialogue from Avenger`s Endgame). I used some apps. 

After all this, a new problem came a month before my January attempt of JEE Mains I got infected by dengue, it was the worst time of my 2 year preparation I was in high fever lying over my bed all day and my revision got badly affected because of it. Then, after some treatment, I got well in 20-30 days. And in January I gave my first attempt at JEE Mains in which my performance was not that good. After which I had my 12th board exams for which I followed NCERT textbooks and end up getting a decent percentage. As my revision was not completed I tried as much as I could and completed my revision up to a decent level (there are even some chapters which even if you won`t study, you get good marks because of the pattern of weightage). 

Then, postponement of the 2nd attempt JEE Mains was announced this helped me a lot to complete all my leftover work, helped me in obtaining time for revision, correcting some random mistakes, giving more tests and solving some cool problems, attending problem-solving classes, etc. After these periods of uncertainty, finally, exams happened and I ended up getting a good result and finally getting this branch and college. I am totally satisfied with the branch and college I got and I made history to be the first IITian in my family. After this, I started getting some respect in my family and my parents started to feel proud of me.

 This is my JEE preparation story hope you enjoyed it and got some motivation from this. Have a fighting attitude and be a true fighter forget about the marks because life doesn`t have an end here (actually it starts here and the achievement you got is the level you are), it is your attitude and dedication which helps you getting things thereafter.

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