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JEE Mains Approaching!

The dooms’ day has come wherein I would have my preparations checked!
I would be competing with lacs of students, and I have to be the best.
I don’t know how the questions would be!
What should I be doing right now?

Do these kinds of thoughts hover in your mind nowadays? Are you nervous?
The one-stop solution is … “RELAX”.

Last month is a phase of preparation just like the beginning of preparation is. For the last month, you have to cover a lot of the syllabus in a stipulated time. You are in a hurry. But when were you not in a hurry since you started preparing for your exam? You have always been busy completing your immediate targets. It’s the same. So, no need to worry.

Now, coming to the strategy, so yes we need to change our strategy as time flows. Below is the strategy I followed for JEE Mains:

1. Identify what’s left for you to revise and how many days do you have before the exam.

2. From the remaining days subtract 2 days and divide your tasks among the rest left days. (We are deliberately keeping 2 buffer days, which gives a sense of security at the end).

3. Next, divide JEE Mains archive questions among the left days (for JEE Mains archive plays an important role as questions might be a duplicate of some archive question).

NOTE: It’s important to set daily goals or you will be lost in the middle. Daily goals are like the pole star when you have no other idea.

4. Start your day with exercise (running, jumping or any cardio exercise) as it boosts your energy and increases your confidence.

5. Now, you can start with topics you need to revise (revise for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes break). Continue this procedure as long as you can. After you get tired, just roam around in your house, talk to your parents/friends, have some light snacks.

NOTE: Revision of each subject daily is important or you will lose confidence in long left subjects. For JEE Mains, always revise NCERT. Just leave any other source you follow. This will not only reduce your burden but increase your confidence because reference books often have extra content.

6. Solve some questions of each subject and clear any doubt you get immediately with your teacher/friends etc. (No need to solve questions other than archives or visiting your mistakes you have done before).

NOTE: Never go deep into questions you are finding discrepancies in.

7. Eat as much as you want too as you need energy, it won’t induce sleep. Your motivation will beat all such distractions.

NOTE: Most importantly, NEVER IGNORE YOUR TIREDNESS/SLEEP. Studying while feeling sleep will not only kill your time but also deteriorate your health (Health is the first priority always). Rather, you can take 15 min short nap (or depending upon your need) and get back.

8. At the end of the day, count how much syllabus are you ready with now (or have revised).

NOTE: Never look over how much is still there to complete. Always tick mark the parts you have finished instead of circling the parts that are left (Things that are the same logically create huge differences practically).

And the last thing that supersedes all that I mentioned before is that ‘Your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are by default there in your schedule. The time you enjoy the delicious food shouldn’t be ignored.

All the Best

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