How Many Attempts Will Be There For JEE This Time? Will There Be 4 Attempts For JEE Main This Time? Or Will There Be 2 Attempts For JEE?

JEE Mains In Brief


JEE Mains is a merit-based selection exam that is held by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for students to get admission in various Engineering colleges. There is no age limit set, but one is eligible to apply for only three consecutive years after passing 12th boards. It is held in a CBT environment and the questions are based on Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Each subject carries 100 marks and the examination is held out of 300 marks.

Number Of Attempts For JEE Mains In 2021


It was already declared by NTA that the JEE examinations from 2019, will be held twice a year, and the best score out of the two attempts will be taken into consideration. The pandemic struck us in 2020 and brought major and critical changes to the already established system. The education minister declared that there will be four attempts for the year 2021. There were four examinations for JEE that were held in the year 2021. They were held from-

  • February 23 to February 26, 2021
  • March 16 to March 18, 2021
  • July 20, 22, 25, and 27, 2021
  • August 26, 27,31, and September 1, 2021

All the attempts are marked on a final basis and the best score out of them is considered. This decision was taken in order to provide the students with ample opportunities. The way everyone was affected in the Covid phase was to be taken under consideration. The JEE attempt of 2021 was regardless of the 12th board examination timings, which is very unlikely. The entire structure of the Boards was so shaky, that the NTA decided on providing the candidates with peace of mind by arranging more attempts for them.

How Many Attempts Will Be There For JEE Mains This Time?


There were so many changes and modifications in the past couple of years that now the students are perplexed and quite skeptical as to how many attempts will be conducted this time. They need to prepare accordingly.

Everything is trying to get back to normalcy, including the different examination systems. The decision of conducting four attempts was born out of an emergency. We are gradually proceeding to bring back things in their original form. If the situation is under proper control and there is no further outbreak or disruption caused, then the JEE Mains is most likely to revert to its dual attempt system. Though there is still no official update regarding the number of attempts or the dates of the exam, it is predicted to conduct the examination two times in 2022.

Reasons For Not Having 4 Attempts This Time


There are multiple reasons as to why 4 attempts for the JEE will not be arranged this time.

The damage caused by the pandemic and the uncertainty of the board examinations were beyond control last year. This year, the situation is under control and well stabilized. The boards have declared their exam schedule and are clear with their intentions. There is no point in conducting the JEE exams during the month of the Boards. Most of the candidates will fail to appear for the entrance and be unable to prepare for both simultaneously. 

Arranging for extra attempts will not prove to be so easy. The attempt rate was already increased after 2019 keeping in mind the massive competition amongst the candidates. Two attempts in a year are a fair enough chance for the aspirants to appear for the entrance exams. Increasing further for the rest of the years might result in management inconveniences. 

NTA would always want to get done with the examination processes within half the year so that the evaluation is out by July-August and students get admission smoothly in their respective colleges without wasting any time. Arranging for 4 attempts in a time frame of six months, without clashing with the Boards, will get difficult. The aspirants too will lack the proper time to cope with the entrance.

How OMICRON May Affect The Exam Proceedings?


The high schoolers are having their classes offline and the 12th examinations must go smoothly as of now. But with the emergence of new variants of the corona, there is a possibility of the schedule being hampered if there is a major spike in the number of cases. The Boards will not take the risk and might be uncertain as to how to grant the marks then. In that case, the authorities might decide to follow the 2021 pattern and arrange 4 attempts. However, this is the worst-case scenario, and holding multiple attempts amidst a new variant, will be a challenge for the NTA also. The agency may even have to curtail few attempts in return.

Is There A Possibility Of At Least 2 Attempts?


The General Director of the NTA, Mr. Vineet Joshi, answered a few questions related to JEE, and in one of them, he mentioned that- the 2022 JEE Mains exam will be held, depending upon the 12th Board examinations. Thus, we cannot really predict the final statement that the NTA will have to convey regarding the number of attempts. However, as the decision of conducting two attempts per year was devised after proper judgment and in normal situations, 2022 is likely to have two attempts on its list.




The final verdict as to how many attempts will actually be held this time is yet to be announced by the agency. We can hope that soon we will get to know the exact dates also since it is already time for the registration process to begin.



How will the marks be calculated if one sits for multiple attempts?

        If there are multiple attempts held, then the best score out of those attempts will be considered.

How will the JEE exams be held?

        The exams will be held in its usual CBT (Computer-Based Test) environment.

How to register for JEE Mains?

        Registration for JEE Mains is done on the online platform. One can register for the same from the official website of NTA.

What is the age limit to appear for JEE Main?

        There is no such age limit mentioned by the agency.

How many attempts will be conducted for JEE 2022?

        The official declaration by the agency is yet to arrive.

What are the dates of the JEE examinations this year?

        The date sheet will be soon announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Can we correct our credentials if there is any mistake when filling the JEE Application Form?

        Yes, there is a correction facility provided for the students before each attempt.

– Adrita Brishti

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