How Did I Come Back To The Competition After I Was Ill For 1 Month Just Before My JEE Main 2020 January Attempt?

As I have already discussed in my IIT-JEE preparation story where I talked about this instance in a very brief manner. Now I am going to discuss the complete story here. I thought about conveying this to you because if I can make it happen, then every serious aspirant can make it happen. It only requires your dedicated hard work and a true passion for your goal. So, let’s start with the story.

It was the time after Diwali when I just came back to my PG after taking some sweets from my relatives who live in Delhi. As I told you all in my JEE preparation story blog about why I didn’t prefer to go home. Since I was scolded by my parents to go to a particular relative’s residence at least just for a day, I just went and celebrated after that I came back to my PG. 

A few days after this, I got a severe fever and after some discussion with my parents, I was taken to a doctor nearby by the PG’s owner and with some of my mates. The doctor diagnosed me and prescribed me to do some tests. So, we called a compounder to take my blood to test it. And finally, at noon that day, the report came. It became clear that I got infected with dengue and my platelets level was too low. It was just 2 months before my JEE Mains January attempt. All my confidence had shattered. In my mind, I felt that I lost this big game on which I was working for 2-3 years. I visualized all the sacrifices I had made and almost started crying. There was no one for my support and I was all alone (like a soldier who had to fight against the entire enemy’s army alone). 

Then suddenly my parents called me and asked me about the report and I replied to them, “I am dengue positive” in a jolly manner so that they didn’t feel sad. But I was wrong. After all this, they told me that they had booked a flight for me to come back home. Then at first, I told them I didn’t need to come home. I can be cured here because I don’t want to be at a place where because of being ill, I would not be allowed to study. After all, it was my 2 years of hard work. I didn’t want to waste it. But, after being scolded I took the flight with the help of a friend and reached home (I also took my books with me). 

After I reached home, my parents gave me the best treatment and took me to the best doctor in my home city. With all the dedicated efforts of my parents, it took 20 days for me to get cured. But in this period I managed to study only 1 hour/ day or even studied nothing on some days. After my platelets level became almost normal, I took a return flight and reached Delhi.

All this took a month for me, and in this period almost all the revision sessions at my coaching institute were completed and I was lagging. And I also missed some important inorganic lectures and some of the topics of mathematics. So, I started attending some backup classes in some other batches and solving my doubts with some teachers. I used to take help from my teachers by telling them about my illness. Some of them helped me but a couple of them told me to figure out my problem myself, as they had some other important work to do. Somehow I completed all that I could and went for the JEE Main January attempt. 

Finally, the result came and I didn’t perform well. But I always have that never-give-up attitude, and actually, it helped me. Then my class 12th Board was near and along with the board preparation, I completed my JEE revision. And finally, I gave my boards examination and now performed well. After this, I went for my JEE Mains and Advanced preparation in full mode. Here is where the law of attraction worked for me. 

The education minister postponed all the exams in April due to the spreading of the pandemic. Fortunately, I got more time and with this proper utilization and management of time, I was able to complete the whole syllabus and even did more than that. When everyone was wasting because of the uncertainty of the examination date, I was working restlessly. Finally, it worked for me and this time I did more than what I had decided earlier. 

I started attempting tests in some regular fashion with some proper analysis and after some time I was able to get that score that I used to get before I got ill. Then again, one more postponement occurred. This time I only attempted the tests to reduce the number of silly mistakes that I was making. And finally, Mains and Advanced happened and I cleared both of them with a good rank.

If you are willing to do this amount of hard work and have a passion for doing what you do then, it is certain that you will succeed, whatever be the problem you encounter.

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